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WowApp is a FREE app and they pay you for everything you do!!


Earn from home while having fun



You will love it. It's actually fun. IT'S FREE.
I hope you liked my joke, but now to the point. Read more...
It's VERY easy and it is safe! There are no requirements or responsibilities.
WowApp has been working for me since 2015 and everything is fine. It works really great. All you have to do, is sign-up and the next day you will receive few WoW Coins into your account (UBI). But those, maybe its you, who are ,atleast, a little bit more active than many people, can earn much more...
Besides a fact, that this app is able to pay me a living, I also like the fact that it is completely safe, reliable and my friends like this app as well.
I´m definitely not saying that you will be rich immediately, but it's enough for a humble living. You definitely should give it a shot. For example, thanks to WowApp I could buy a forest and a mobile house. Thanks to WowApp I am absolutely free and the system is not my "ruler" anymore.
Money is paid out within 3 days at most and to everyone!
Thousands of people around the world are registered daily. It's really great and simple. It's completely free of any payment and never costs anything, additionally nor in the future.
All you need is a any smart phone or PC and an internet connection (Wi-Fi is more than enough).
WoW coins are earned by browsing the web sites, reading news from around the world or from home, chatting or calling with other people (worldwide for free), completing totally optional things like spending few minutes in browser etc, completing surveys, playing games and international tournaments, using screen sharing, etc.etc.. And the very best is UBI! I won't tell you more, you wouldn't be excited as I was when I found out.
You can sign-up, for free ofc, here:
They will ask you to confirm your phone and send you a code via SMS. Its just 4 digits, so you just write them into the window when registering and logging into the app. It is easy. They will not call you, but it's a kind of protection for them that they're not fraudsters, who would otherwise make 200 fake accounts.
Immediately after being registered and downloading the app, you will receive information from me about what to do and how to proceed. I will advise you with everything. I'm already looking forward to your first earnings.
Register now and you can earn with me in two minutes. TRY IT NOW! Click on this link:

and then click on:
  Join Ange Leon on WowApp 

Thanks to the Internet, communication is now completely commonplace. Someone uses Skype, Viber, another WowApp, and others are not allowed to use Messenger from FB, Twitter or even WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. There are many more and all these apps are good or exceptional, but only one of them pays to use. And that's what WowApp is.
I know you are used to some of them, but let's take a look at WowApp.
You can download the WowApp for free to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

What WowApp can do:

  •     Free normal calls to anyone in the world if they also have WowApp.
  •     Video calls
  •     International calls to landlines and mobiles. For example: - 1min. from the EU to the US for ½ of one cent
  •     Screen Sharing - Very useful feature for remote assistance.
  •     Private and group chat (encrypted communication without spying on anyone)
  •     Sending files
  •     UBI - the company pays UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME to every partner, every day. Just pick it up.
  •     GAMES - lots of great games
  •     CashBack - money back from purchases on the Net (AliExpress, Zoohit and other 1000 stores)
  •     Help shelters and charities without costing you anything.

Why use WowApp? Whatever you use, WowApp will pay you!

  •     As soon as you write a message to someone (who also has WowApp downloaded on their mobile or computer), then WowApp will pay you.  
  •     Once you call someone, WowApp will pay you.
  •     You can play games and WowApp will always pay you to play
  •     You can make purchases, as in other similar applications, and WowApp will return part of your money (Cashback.
  •     You can fill in various polls and questionnaires, and there is money for that as well.

It's less at first, but it's slowly getting better. In any case, it's good to try. If you don't like it for any reason, you can simply uninstall the application again. It's all free. WowApp never pays anything ... you just earn.

The end of overpriced operators and outdated communication programs!

Download WowApp and simply call for free! It's a thousand times better. In addition, the application has other great options that even the operators do not have and will never have. You will see that you will like it and you will be happy to tell other friends about it.

Who is behind all this?

The CEO and founder is Thomas C. Knobel from Switzerland, who also founded the telephone company Nobel Ltd. founded in 1998. You can easily find it on the Internet and find that it offers real telephone services, cards that use VoIP technology for long-distance calls. Nobel Ltd. has been named one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. It offers telecommunications services, including online sales of prepaid virtual calling cards worldwide, physical distribution of calling cards in the US, tariffs and superior carrier services through PoPs in Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Bucharest.

So I recommend you to download WowApp for free on PC and mobile and start using it. Write, call, play games and tell people about it.
Of course, I get different reactions, but I find it funny when someone says that it's not for them, because their friends only use Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, and nobody has WowApp. It reminds me of 2004 when I helped launch Skype. Back then, people told me that it was stupid and that the only thing recognized by all their acquaintances was Email, and that only Email.
Sometimes it's exactly the same now, except that now it's just WhatsApp or Messenger again.
WowApp will earn you lots and lots of money and you only need to tell someone about it occasionally. As my daughter said:
"Even if it doesn't make a single penny, it's simply far better than Viber". She used it with her friends until then. Now she uses WowApp and so do her friends.
So here's a little preview:
When you call someone around the world for free to someone who also has WowApp, you also get money from that and they are credited to you once a day. But many people also use it to call someone who doesn't have WowApp on their mobile phone, or to landlines. I sent $10 there and I've been calling abroad to a landline for 4 months and I still haven't called it. It pays to call someone on Mobile or Landline via WowApp. It's just convenient.
Use WowApp, tell your friends and you might not even have to go to work!!!
People use WowApp not only to call each other for free, but often also download it to their mobile phones, for example to children, with whom they can then communicate for free wherever they are. And not only can they interact with them, but they can also see them! All you have to do is press the camera button and you can see everything that someone shows you. Just a video call, but for free.
TIP: Put your kid on the WowApp to call with grandma and you're done. There is nothing easier than communicating with someone about anything. Well, or when he wants to play games, you lend him his cell phone. After all, your children will earn money!
I also recommend that you tell your friends about it, because it is much better for them as well than calling directly from a mobile phone if they are on Wi-Fi.
If everyone had it (and it already has clouds of people), then we would have free calls and we would hardly need the overpriced operators at all.
Here, on the contrary, you earn. It's only a few dollars a day, but it's still better than calling on Skype with worse quality and no income.
Just download the WowApp application for free!

But in conclusion... WowApp is not so much about earnings (if you are not active) as it is about free benefits and helping others and especially pets. WowApp is more of a heart affair with lots of great benefits.


Download WowApp for free

and then click on:
  Join Ange Leon on WowApp